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Alderdice – Bronze Horizontal Non return/Check Valve 50mm-20mm


Alderdice – Bronze Horizontal Non-return/Check Valve

Alderdice Horizontal Non- Return Check Valves are designed to hold prime and prevent backflow in a pumping system. Made of Gunmetal Bronze. They have a well-guided nitrile faced valve, fitted with a “316” stainless steel spring to give a quick closing action.

3/4″ / 20mm   INC GST 73.00

1″/25 mm      Inc Gst $ 73.00

1 1/4″ 32mm Inc Gst $101.00

1 1/2″ 40mm  Inc Gst $125.40

2″/50mm         Inc GST172.70

Alderdice Check Valve or non return.

Alderdice Check Valves spare parts are available

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