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Solar Water Pumps

One Stop Irrigation Service  Solar water pumps from different brands like Franklin, Grundfos, BW.Rison Chinese Pumps From$1400.00

We are after happy customers, and finding the right solar pump is a trade in itself. We can’t stress it enough, please give us an obligation free call, and together can we figure out the best solution for the best price.

Franklin SubDrive Solar Water Pumps

SubDrive Solar Water Pumps are tested and assembled to make sure that when installed, no unexpected errors occur. No electrician is required.


  • Livestock Watering
  • Tank Filling
  • Wildlife Refuge & Game Farms
  • Rural Water Supply for Homesteads
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Fountains
  • Vineyards
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Mining Water Transfer
  • Water from Bores, Rivers, Dams & Creeks

Built-in Diagnostics and Protection

The SubDrive Solar QuickPAK products include diagnostic features and built-in protection from potentially harmful conditions.

  • Surge
  • Short Circuit
  • Under Load
  • Overheated Controller
  • Under Voltage
  • Dry Run
  • Locked Pump
  • Reversed Polarity
  • Open Circuit

All-in-One Package

The SubDrive Solar QuickPAK is the System Solution to your solar pumping requirements. Using Franklin quality components, our technical expertise in groundwater pumping, and innovative thinking based on global market inputs, we have developed a rugged, high-output system which tackles the challenges of remote and harsh environments. No other system delivers the features, benefits, and reliability of SubDrive Solar QuickPAK in just one package!

The SubDrive QuickPAK includes:

  • Franklin Solar motor
  • Franklin Solar pump
  • SubDrive Solar controller
  • Flow switch with 10m cable
  • Variety of flow rates available in 30, 45, 70, 150, and 270 L/min.
  • Motor and drive rating available in 1.1 and 2.2 kW

Grundfos Solar Pumps  from $3,600.00

Grundfos solar bore pumpSQFlex locations, :

  • Villages, schools, hospitals, single-family houses, etc.
  • Farms  — watering of cattle
  • Watering applications
  • Conservation areas
  • Floating pump installations for pumping of water from ponds and lakes.

    Features and benefits

  • Dry-running protection with automatic restart prevents pump damage to the pump
  • Stainless steel pump casing for long service life
  • Carbon Ceramic bearings ensure high reliability
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) ensures even and high system efficiency regardless of power source
  • Two way communication between the control unit and the pump eliminates the need for additional wires
  • Wide voltage range 30-300 VDC and 90-240VAC makes installation and sizing especially easy
  • Grundfos picture 5000lph Automatic Tank Fill

 Solar Submersible & Surface Pumps WBS, CHEERS Scherry Pump 400lph into automatic Tank fill 600meters


  • Fully adjustable speed and remote switching timer
  • Low water, tank full and remote switching contacts
  • Clear cover allows visible inspection of connections and of indicator LED status lights
  • MPPT and current booster technology incorporated
  • Mounted above ground for longer life and easy access
  • Brushless DC motor technology avoids conventional DC brush maintenance
  • Modular concept with separate electronics,
    Entire pump and motor is stainless steel

Grundfos Solar Pumping

Solar unit supplying 5000 lph automatic tank fill

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