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240 and 415 Volt Submersible Pumps

We supply a wide range of 240 & 415 Volt Submersible Pumps. It all depends on your specific situation as to what type of pump you need. A range from 100 – 200 mm available.

Please contact us and we will send you – an obligation free – a written quote, tailor-made to your situation.

The brands we use are:

  • Lowarra
  • Shaki
  • Grundfos
  • Dab
  • Franklin

Franklin Submersible 240 Volts 1.5 Kw

Installed 200 meters flow 17 litres per minute supply turkey nest.

Flow Control by Maric Flow Valve. Water was found @193 meters installed in January 2020.

He is very happy!

Supply of Pump,Saftey Cable,Electrical Cable,PN20 Poly,Loss of flow Switch

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