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PWS Iron Bacteria Treatment Tuxon P5

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Tuxon P5 Iron Staining Removal. Just 3 eyedrops to clear, The Material is injected via a metering pump at the rate required Available in 5 Liter 20-liter containers 20 Litre $470.00 plus Freight


Iron Solution

Iron Solutions is used to remove iron, manganese, and calcium deposits from bore water and irrigation pipes. With the correct Dosing Unit, it will reduce water hardness.

It is biodegradable and is free from potassium, phosphorous, and chlorine. It is highly efficient over a large temperature and PH range against calcium sediments. It can be used for industrial applications as well.
Keeps your bore water free from Iron stain
Keep footpaths and walls free from staining
Reduces water hardness
Environmentally friendly
Can be mixed with cold or hot water.
Recommended dosage 1ppm to 1ppm of iron.
It is delivered by a dosing pump which is purchased separately.
Handy 1 liter size

1 Liter is Sufficient for 50.000 –  60.000 Liters

For further information please contact David on 0400 118 080