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Tank and Trough Float Valves

One Stop Irrigation Service provides a large range of valves. We supply valves for plastic and concrete troughs, water tanks and foot valves. We supply high and low flow valves and in all sorts of materials and sizes.

We have not published all the valves we sell. If the valve you are after is not listed, please give us a call on 0429 810 157 and we will help you out.

                                                               Hansen CONCRETE TROUGH Water Valves

The Super Flo trough valves include 3 threaded adaptors (15mm, 20mm, and 25mm) to fit of the valve onto thoughts or tanks with a built-in threaded water inlets.
All the adapters are 25mm on the valve end.
Balls are not supplied with the Super Flo Valves. Recommended 140mm.
Flow rate is 188L/min @ 29 psi.                                                                more information  Hansen     Web

Max Flo trough valve gives a much greater flow rate than Super Flo valves and is also a lot more capable of dealing with sediments.
Max Flo Flow rate is 570L/min @ 29 psi.

                                                               Hansen PLASTIC TROUGH  Water Valves

The Fast Flo valve gives a faster flow rather than equivalent competitive valves. It’s main use is fitting into tight spaces such as small trough, header-tanks or water bowls that will not take regular trough valves. Fast Flo gives reliable flow from 5 to 170 psi.
The valve seal is reversible for easy maintenance. The float arm has a special “easy been” flat section, making water level adjustment a breeze.
Flow rate is 34L/min @ 29 psi.

The Super Flo Trough Valves include 2 x 10cm-long through-through flanged fittings which enable fittings of valves to thoughts or tanks without a threaded inlet.
These are supplied as 2 options – 15 + 20mm, or 20mm + 25mm.
In all cases the valve end is 25mm.
Balls are not supplied with the Super Flo Valves. Recommended 140mm ball.
Flow rate is 188L/min @ 29 psi.







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