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Care Free Water Conditioners

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Care Free Water Conditioners


BSP units CFO6 6mm  @$407.00 inc  -CF20 20mm ECO  @$561.00 inc

BSP units CF 25 ECO 25mm@$1.20.00 inc  CF32 ECO 32mm @$1573.00 inc  CF 40  ECO 40mm @$ 2079.00 inc- CF50 ECO $2992.00 inc

Flanged Units CF65 MK11 @$5610.00 inc  CF75 MKII $6490.00  inc larger units available

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While Care-Free has thousands of testimonials and results dating back to 1980, and a money back guarantee, sometimes customers want a little more reassurance.

Well here you have it. The below abstract summarises a four year study resulting in a 300+ page research thesis undertaken by an Environmental Scientist from the University of Wollongong.

We have found this to be very helpful in talking to customers!

Get in touch if you would like to receive a copy of the full thesis. It’s a mighty read!



Improved Scale Control through Turbulent Physical Conditioning
By Luke Scott B.Eng. Hons1, M.Eng. University of Wollongong, Published 2013

An extensive study of scaling, calcium carbonate polymorphs, and existing scale control mechanisms and methods has been made. Many methods appear to exploit the same mechanism: changing a portion of calcium carbonate scale in its tenacious calcite form to the more easily removed aragonite. However, the mechanism behind changing forms is not known, and is currently impossible to test. There are many postulates, but no definitive proofs.

Investigations were made into an existing scaling control system known as the Care-Free Conditioner to determine its impacts on calcium carbonate scale. The system suits remote areas that have ‘hard water’ problems and little access to expensive treatments. The device relies on turbulence, and does not use magnets or electric currents. Tests have been made on the conditioner’s effects on particle size and scale morphology. The Care-Free Conditioner significantly reduces suspended calcium carbonate particle size by up to 50%. X-Ray Diffraction tests prove the Conditioner’s ability to change up to 70.2% of scale from calcite to aragonite, if the calcium carbonate was dissolved during conditioning. It does not change the morphology of suspended solid particles.

The Care-Free Conditioner significantly reduces scaling problems in remote areas without expensive treatment by changing dissolved calcite to aragonite, and reducing suspended solid particle size. The new design generates substantially more turbulence than the old design.

This is the first time such findings have been achieved. These will contribute significantly towards the Care-Free Conditioner’s acceptance in the market, and in developing future Care- Free Conditioner designs.

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